Welcome to the Computational Aerodynamics Group, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at McGill. Our research focuses on computational methods for aerodynamic analysis and design.

Our primary research objective is to develop and advance current algorithms and methodology for the design of aerospace vehicles and engineering systems that are subject to aerodynamic loads. To reach this objective, we are currently developing algorithms and numerical methods on several different fronts. First, to create and develop the necessary infrastructure algorithms, methodologies, and toolboxes to enable the transition from current state-of-the-art Aerodynamic Shape Optimization (ASO) methodologies to a fully three-dimensional design environment for complex geometries for both steady and unsteady flows. Second, to research and develop new numerical methods to reduce the computational cost associated with the calculation of unsteady three-dimensional viscous flows, through the advancement of adaptive non-linear frequency domain methods and eddy-preserving limiters. Third, to develop novel approaches for adaptive high-order methods. Fourth, to explore new possibilities in high performance computing.